Friday, May 26, 2006

Cards For Every Occasion!

It's Friday, time for a humor break!!!

We have had some great discussions here this week on a range of topics from relationships to racism, to classism and sexism. I was thinking about how our society has changed lately, and how it hasn't changed.

I was thinking that I should hawk a line of "NonHallmark" cards to celebrate the new types of special dates in our society, so I put together this line of new event cards.

Here's a selection:

Hell's Angel Induction!

To My Senator on the Occasion of His Latest Junket
Please Pay Your Child Support!

Home School Graduation Cards!

Condolences on Being Called Before the Grand Jury for the 5th Time

Congratulations to My New Girlfriend, From a Stalker

On Your New Covenant Marriage!


KUDOS On Quitting AA!

Mixed Feelings About Your New Job?
On Embracing Intelligent Design!

On Your New Undergarment Design Company!
Looking Forward To Your Coming Rapture!
On Graduating From BDSM Training!

Kudos on Your New Botox Injection

On You Marriage to Your Cat!
For the President's Birthday, with no sympathy!

Upon the Occasion of Your Congressman NOT Getting Indicted


Sympathy Card for Ex-True Believers of Bush, VIA peacechick mary.



Condolences to Mother Earth, via M.D.

Cards are also planned for "On Your Secondary Virginity" the "Fatherland Day," "Invitation to A Lethal Injection," and "Congratulations To Cheney, Bush is Now Emperor."

Sunday, May 21, 2006

What is wrong with us????

Betmo asked this question in the comment section for the previous post: the indigenous peoples of all continents are victims of abuse, neglect, drug use, etc……i think that it is fair to ask- what is wrong with us wasps?

Ay, betmo, let me say what I think is going on because I've been thinking about this for years.

1. When a culture has a strong patriarchal message that boys should be hyper-masculine, like John Wayne, (strong and aggressive), and girls should be hyper-feminine, like Barbie, (not like that bitch Hilary, what a mandyke!), both boys and girls suffer, boys shut down emotionally and lose some of their empathy and girls become more passive, bake cookies, and feel less in control of their own lives. Now this is a generalization, not to say all people in the US are like this, OK? But this is a cultural directive in general.

Just look at Dubya and Laura as an example. They are icons of a hyper-masculine man, who likes to swagger, but is emotionally inept, and poor Laura looks like an intelligent woman whose job is to be in a blankly supporting role at all times. These are stereotypical and rigid gender roles that make men and women less happy and less sensitive to others because they are not operating from a place that includes being in touch with their authentic inner self. It is a kind of programmed adaptive behavior that gets rewarded in many ways. And those churches with dogma based on men-in-control patriarchal doctrine also reinforce these skewed gender roles.
Now other things are also going on as well.

2. This culture has a history of exploitive relationships with nonwhite cultures because cultural messages tell us that whites are superior/better/smarter, whatever to nonwhites, hence there is racism and classism or white class superiority.

3. Some whites in this culture, particularly males have a sense of entitlement and at the same time see change all around them that indicates that their preferential place is disappearing to women, nonwhites, immigrants, etc, and they are angry about it.
4. There is economic insecurity (outsourcing, unstable economy, etc) which makes the precarious situation worse.

5. There is war, even worse. More instability.

6. Sound like the makings of the perfect violent storm? Aggression is a learned acceptable way to cope with anger in a patriarchal culture. Whom is it safe to hurt and bully to burn off displaced anger? Poor nonwhites and women.

Even easier to hurt and humiliate poor nonwhite women, especially since you have been raised to believe that women are there to serve your needs. Domestic violence and sexual assault are about expressing power and control in a sexualized way. So when some men feel out of control and angry, they beat or rape women, Indian women, Latino women, or whomever they can hurt to feel back in control of things. The native peoples are at the bottom of the pecking order and serve as an outlet for frustrations. They don't seem really human in this schemata.
They may not even feel pain like you and do.

Now this is admittedly a somewhat simplistic answer, because women of all races are vulnerable to sexual violence, and FBI profilers report different types of rapists with differing motivations, so understand this is a very general answer.

However, most rapists target those women where they feel they can 1) dominate and control, 2) get what they want (entitlement) and 3) where they will not get caught or prosecuted. They more often target women like prostitutes, homeless women, and poor women (or incidentally inebriated women, rape involves alcohol use in almost 70% of the reported incidences).

However, it is usually only when a middle class or wealthy woman is sexually assaulted that it makes the news. Have you noticed that high profile cases are almost always about white women who are not poor?

Violence Against Native Women

There were some comments on the previous post about statistics regarding the rates of violence against native Americans. Here is the research.

ACCORDING TO A REPORT BY THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, AMERICAN Indians and Crime (Greenfield and Smith, 1999), rates of violent victimization were higher for Native women than for all other groups in the United States. Natives are more likely to be victims of crime than are any other group in the United States. People of a different race committed 70% of violent victimizations against Natives. The report also notes the rate of violent crime experienced by Native women between 1992 and 1996 was nearly 50% higher than that reported by African American males, long known to experience very high rates of violent victimization. According to the Department of Justice, 70% of sexual assaults of Native women are never reported, which suggests that the number of violent victimizations of Native women is actually higher (Ibid.).

Greenfield, Lawrence and Steven Smith 1999 American Indians and Crime. U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Statistics. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing, 4.