Saturday, March 18, 2006

Condi is now on

Condi Can Now Make New Friends in the land of Myspace, so go see her and sign up to read her White House Secrets Blog!
For those myspacers who want to connect to Condigrrrl (Condaleeza aka Brigite, that's her secret code name) at feel free to invite her to join your circus, I mean circle, of friends. I have been concerned because she has had problems relating to reality lately, so I decided to help her and give her a way to meet other normal people.

She has been sad and lonely and full of angst since I exposed in one of my previous blogs that she is really a blood-thirsty vampire. You can see by the picture above that I'm telling the truth, and she cannot deny that she has fangs.

It stuck in her craw a bit this past month that Cheney has been featured prominently in the news while she was sent away to Australia and spent the day answering a lot of dumb questions from college kids. Cheney better watch out or she may make him resign, and then she will get to be the VP. Look what she did to Rummey when he got in her way.

She is also sad because she misses playing the piano. They don't have pianos in Australia yet, but will hopefully get some soon.

Friday, March 17, 2006

What Do You See in This Picture?

This could either be a person or a chess piece?

This could be goblet or a face?

This could be a white vase or two profiles of Bush's face.

Glenda in the Gardenland of Oz

glenda in the gardenland of oz
We've had a warm winter overall this year. Crazy fall with the traumatized Katrina folks here and there in many apartment buildings. My good friend Jan adopted a whole apartment house full of the refugees and we contributed a truck full of household goods to help tide them over.

My older brother, a clinical psychologist, donated his Saturdays to give free counseling to all the people stuck in the convention center up in Dallas. People who lost everything they had.

My organic Texas garden is really prolific this early spring. I plucked enough swiss chard yesterday to cook up a mess of sweet greens.

(Notice the southern use of "mess" as a system of measurement which can range from a few generous handfuls to a potful.)

Also have three different kinds of lettuce, dark green and light and have already begun harvesting it. Got the tomatoes and jalapenos planted today. Sadly, will have to forego the cilantro, as it will be too warm soon for it to survive, which with the tomatoes and peppers, makes a great salsa garden. But as we just moved into this new home last summer, I anticipate a few years to hone the garden.

Gardenville is delivering 6 cubic yards of organic garden soil in the morning for my new "peace garden." It is round and will be split into 3 sections, hence the shape of a peace sign. Our soil is limestone and clay, and so we dug it all out to put in the good soil. Soil means everything in the growing.

(At this point, I space out and think about the kind of soil our children are growing in.....)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Things Children Say

glenda in the land of oz
I was thinking about being a mom, and recalled one on my daughter’s favorite answers to my question about lunch. She was about 4 years old at the time.

I remember standing in the kitchen with her. When I asked her if she wanted a grilled cheese sandwich, she screwed up her merry little munchkin face and giggled.

"No, mommy, I wanna boy cheese sandwich."

It was her first conscious attempt at humor. That is just one of many golden moments that are somehow encapsulated in my memories when I think of her now, all grown up, or at least mostly grown up...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Enter This Art Contest, Win An iPod

Glenda calls all artists
OK, there's this art contest I'm supporting, not a stupid kind of art contest, but one for a good cause.

The Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, which is the statewide association in Texas to support all the grassroots rape crisis centers (almost 200) is trying to recruit some conference art. If you win, you get an iPod, probably not a top of the line iPod, but hey, cut them some slack, they're a non-profit.

To see what they are looking for and deadlines, go to:

Look under The Latest News and click on Feb 16, 2006 - Win an iPod.That will download a .pdf with all the info on it...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pat Robertson Puts His Foot in His Mouth...Again

Is Pat Robertson a terroristic Christian?

The BBC News reports that:
Outspoken US Christian evangelical broadcaster Pat Robertson has accused Muslims of planning world domination, and said some were "satanic".

Mr Robertson had to apologise recently for calling for Venezuela's president to be killed, and saying Ariel Sharon was struck down by divine retribution.

Glenda, as a clinically trained and experienced therapist, wonders, compassionately:

Does anyone else find it strange that he is being allowed again and again to make such outrageous and threatening statements?
Has he been checked for dementia?
Does he drink on the job?
Could he have a brain tumor?

Time for a medcheck, Mr. Robertson? Seriously, get medical help, you are either morally bankrupt or cognitively impaired.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Easter March in Crawford Texas Against the War in Iraq

glenda in the land of oz

If you are against the war in Iraq and want to do something to express those convictions, come to Crawford Texas at Easter.

Cindy Sheehan and The Gold Star Families For Peace will be there. For more information, go to The Crawford Peace House.

Bush Gives You the Finger

Glenda thinks Bush is acting angry because of the motion to censure him in the senate.

Watch this animated gif of Bush shooting you the bird!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Oklahoma bill would permit executing sex offenders

glenda in the land of oz
So, Oklahoma, we all understand the sentiment behind this bill, however;
1. The courts have ruled it unconstitutional to give someone the death penalty for anything other than killing another person,
2. There is concern among many advocates that the perp would just murder his victim after raping her, since he would be facing the death penalty anyway. Nothing more to lose kind of thinking.

A Cancer Drug's Big Price Rise Disturbs Doctors and Patients

glenda asks how many people are the pharmaceuticals leaving to die?

Saw an article in the New York Times, A Cancer Drug's Big Price Rise Disturbs Doctors and Patients.

One woman in Georgetown TX went to pick up her cancer meds and spent $77.50 for a two week supply. Two weeks later the price for the same amount of the drug, not covered by insurance, had soared to $548.01. This is not because it cost any more to make this drug, but because a smaller company had purchased the drug and just decided to make that much more money. Pharmas, don't you know that raking in exhorbitant profits off the backs of the sick and dying is just evil?

Isn't this exactly the type of ripoff that will lead to nationalization of health care?