Saturday, January 28, 2006

Just a Little Chew Toy

Best friends, Bodine the gallant gentleman and our Buffy. Bodine's dad is a great guy and friend, too.

Yikes!!! Emergency!

This is To Be Used Only In Case of Emergency

Fried Green Tomatoes

Had a lovely evening with my friend Jan and her very intelligent friend Jack from New York, now living here in Austin. We met at the greasy hamburger/fried catfish joint down on the highway. It has an external apparition of old barnwood with a dirt floor dancing and dining room. For those who prefer upscale, there is a smaller dining area with booths and unvarnished wood floor. Got there with Mr. K a few minutes early, as he is a "be there early" type and sat outside on a boulder in the warm January night, listening to the country and western band playing inside. Over dinner, catfish and fried green tomatoes, we discussed politics and religion, the war in Iraq. We were so wrong to go into Iraq.

They came over to our house afterwards and we all watched Caddyshack, amusing vintage silliness. Jan is always a balm to my soul. We met about 25 years ago in Sufi meditation classes and were friends on the periphery of each other's lives for many years. Recently, we have reaffirmed our friendship.

The rain came later in the night and is now a downpour.

Coffee Dregs

Ah, coffe is really the dreg of choice. The best is that 5AM flavorsome cup when the pixels in my brain are still unfocused.

Was chatting with my activist intern about the evils of Starbucks, mainly she was telling me about the unecological and exploitive manner in which they allegedly grow their coffee.

We usually have supervision time in a university coffee shop called the Flightpath Cafe. Said cafe is so-named for its historically recent proximity to the old airport and the fact that the planes used to come in about 50 feet above the roof, making the cups and spoons and patrons' teeth rattle. She told me about some coffee beans that can be had at the farmer's market which are the world's best. Will have to try them and their shade-grown flavor.

Strangely, had a flashback to the '70s when the various qualities of marijuana were discussed in much the same way. Now it's coffee. Ah, well.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Categorical Job List

Here is a list of all the jobs, paid and unpaid I have had in my life in rough chronological order: often obedient child, student, cheerleader, seamstress, editor of my high school newspaper, checkout person at the grocery store, babysitter, artist, silversmith, model, mother, proofreader for a printing company, meditation teacher, social worker, rape crisis center therapist, licensed therapist in private practice, education sales executive for Apple Computer, landscape gardener, researcher and technical writer, trainer, graphic artist, filmmaker, photographer, friend.

Earworm of the Day

glenda: January 2006
Ever get one of those earworms, a song that goes through your head repeatedly? Research shows that women are more prone to earworms. Today's random unexpected pick: You're Beautiful by James Blunt. Get thee behind me, Satan, but I hate being chained to a melody.

Musings From the Office

glenda: January 2006
Sitting at work, taking a break. Checked out the website for the Crawford Peace House, an organization in Crawford, Texas, where the Bush ranch is located, in case any of you have been in a coma for the past few years. Check it out.
Drove up to Crawford with Mr. K a few months ago to take pictures. It was a divided camp, jean-clad peace activists vs. white Republican ladies wearing their button-down Texas flag shirts and denim skirts. Had a chat with some of the anti-war protesters and was given permission to snap their pictures. It was a beautiful day, dry-golden fields of wheat stubble in the background and the deep blue sky overhead. I asked the protesters where they were from and why they were there, standing on the side of the Texas country road with their signs. Some were from Texas, but many were from other states. Most were individuals, a few came from organizations or political institutions. They were all ages, some students, others were grandparents. It was a glorious day for taking pictures.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Walking Under the Texas Stars

It's 5:45 in the morning and I am dragging an 85 pound dog into the dark street for our 2 mile daily walk. Somewhere in the distance, an unidentified building makes deep booming and hissing dragon sounds, like compressed water being released. I think for the 100th time that I really should find out what type of loud unruly business lives so close to me out in this majestic hill country.

All fall and summer, we walked under the stars. All summer I watched Casseiopia edge across the sky from north to west until I could no longer see her as she skimmed over the horizon. In October, there was an abundance of tarantulas on the road into the subdivision. They sought the heat of the blacktop road as the fall chill set in. Creepy then to walk in the dark with tarantulas, some as big as my outstretched hand.

But today I can smell the rain coming in from the west, there is a freshness to the morning and my dog looks up at me with her big brown lab eyes and agrees, this is a good day. We need the rain. This has been the winter of burning fires and drought in Texas.

This year brings change. I can feel it beneath the promise of rain. I breathe in and out and keep walking up the hill, the smell of cedar and rain in the air.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

If Thine Eye Doth Offend Thee

Questions about the universe colliding with a woman met not by chance in my boss' office. She was walking in the dark a few days ago and ran into a metal pole left propped against a neighbor's fence. Sadly, the metal went through her one good eye, and she will probably never see out of that eye again. Her other eye has a corneal problem. What a bizarre universe I find myself sharing with others, often , when I stop and look around, peering from my own opaque lame lens of self-absorbtion...