Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Day in a Life

I was driving out of my neighborhood on the way to work, when I noticed how pretty the sky was. I pulled over and snapped a few pictures. The small rainbow in the top the sky picture just appeared. I did not add it, but decided a rainbow in Oz is always a good sign.

At work, I saw some birds outside in the tree and took a picture through my office window. I didn't realize there was a reflection from the flash, and guess what, there reflected in the glass was my own self-portrait, but no birds!

At lunch, I decided to go out and take some more pictures. It was hot outside, but I needed to get out of the office.

I got in my car and went to the Flightpath Coffee House to get some brew. They have good coffee, organic, shade grown, real coffee. It is a small, casual place, so named because it used to be on the flightpath for the old airport, before it was relocated south of town.

The Flight path Cafe was right next to Storyville vintage clothes Store, but I was in a hurry and kept going. I wanted to get over to the Elisabet Ney Museum, to see if it was open.

The Museum. was closed, but I took a few shots of the outside. It's an old home that houses the sculpture of Elisabet Ney, who sculpted in bronze in the 1800s. She was a woman pioneer in art in Texas.

The next stop was the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. I went to the local family-owned store around the corner from the museum. They have a cool mural painted on their store.

I needed a few other things not found there, so I drove down the street to Wheatsville Food Co-op, which has been around since the 1970s.

I passed by Amy's Ice Cream, home of hand-made, handpacked local ice cream. YUMMMM, but I needed to get get to the restaurant and didn't stop.

I was meeting a friend for lunch for his birthday. We both like sushi so we went to a place called Ichiban. They have a cool pond full of goldfish (carp) by the front door. The kind owner saw me standing there, snapping pictures of the huge carp. He threw some food into the water, smiled at me and left. The fish went into a fenzy, popping their heads out of the water.

I toasted my friend, ate lunch and went back to work. I walked up to the door of my office. It's always good to stop and smell the flowers and this canna lily was radiantly orange.

I worked for a while at the computer. I researched some legislation and answered a few phone calls. Then I started going through the Quark Bible. I'm learning some new software to update some manuals and brochures. Wow! I noticed it was almost 4p.m. Time to go home, as I had been there since 7a.m. The clouds were still gorgeous and I snapped a few more pictures. All in all, a productive and good day.


At 11:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A welcome antidote to the previous depressing post, Glenda. There is beauty and kindness in this world but it sure takes a lot of finding sometimes.

At 12:34 AM, Blogger JBlue said...

Love the pictures. Beautiful sky. The reflection one is really interesting.

At 1:00 AM, Anonymous Pekka said...

Glenda, you look beautiful! The reflection picture is one of those accidental things that turn out to be a gem. Anyhow, it's certainly nice to put a face on a person that one has learned to like. Thanks for the peek!

At 2:28 AM, Blogger Tina said...

Amazing rainbow and clouds... and the unexpected self protrait was cool.
Who knew that Click and Clack the Car Guys posed for the Hyde Park grocery store mural?
And I have to wonder what the Sharia Law punishment would be for "daring" to dress in our summer clothes as we do?

At 3:36 AM, Blogger Peacechick Mary said...

I love it when you take us with you on your daily jaunts. I think the rainbow looks like a little air baloon floating through the sky. Really enjoyed myself in this post. Thanks.

At 4:07 AM, Blogger dusty said...

I so love coming over and seeing your picture postings..they soothe me.

Thanks for making me smile when there seems to be so little to smile about lately.

At 4:11 AM, Blogger glenda said...

Thnks, friends. I try to spread the love! After a tough look at the world, we all need soothing. That's why I often run around town documentig a life I am grateful to have.

At 4:42 AM, Blogger No said...

That self-portrait was absolutely stunning.

At 4:57 AM, Blogger Mary said...

Holy Moly! Great shots. What an interesting area you live in. I do love the self-portrait. It's especially cool since you didn't realize you were doing it.

At 5:00 AM, Blogger WeezieLou said...

glenda, nice pix, nice narrative....but, as someone who lives in the same town, i wonder how you could POSSIBLY pass up Amy's ice cream??!!!!!!

At 6:37 AM, Blogger Anita said...

Great pictures, Glenda. It seems you had a wonderful day as well. Thanks for sharing. Where is your land of Oz?

At 9:11 AM, Blogger pinkfem said...

Hey, mary and weezielou! Thanks, well, see Weezie, I was off to eat some cream before sushi? Nah!

It's well-hidden in Austin, Texas, anita! Well-hidden.

At 10:06 AM, Blogger JM said...

Great idea with some fantastic photos to match. It certainly brought some sunshine to what has been a grey day.

At 10:21 AM, Blogger eProf2 said...

Very nice cruise around town. The self-portrait was well done. Thanks for the shot. Austin is a really beautiful spot. We enjoyed it while there in spring 2000 with our trailer and stayed down alongside the Little Colorado River where all the small restaurants are located. Toured the area a bit in the three days we were there. I mostly wanted to spend some time in the Johnson Presidential Library, which we did. UT was awesome, although we were disappointed to find out that the Austin City Limits PBS program is taped from the umpteenth floor of a building instead of from the hillside shown in the program.

Have a great day, Glenda. See you online.

At 10:25 AM, Blogger glenda said...

Hey, eprof, I like it here. The LBJ Library is a huge Egyptian monument.

At 10:51 AM, Blogger james said...

Beautiful pictures. I especially like the sky shots.

At 11:35 AM, Blogger DivaJood said...

Glenda, that is a lovely day. I am impressed you breezed by the home-made ice-cream on a hot summer day. Wow. Great images, thank you.

At 11:37 AM, Blogger Sothis said...

Beautiful. I love the shot with the rainbow--gives me a wonderful warm feeling. Looked like a great day.

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend said...

I don't know what is more inspiring about you -- the way you take photos or the way you write. What a nice post. Thanks!

At 11:58 AM, Blogger glenda said...

Beautiful, but hot, but happiness is in the heart, not the temperature outside....and I do not mix sushi and ice cream!! It's one or the other.
Thanks sothis, divajood and adorable girlfriend.

At 12:05 PM, Blogger beachblogger said...

made my day!


At 12:12 PM, Blogger thepoetryman said...

Wow! Those pics are phenominal, glenda! Absolutely delighful and so clean! Especially the carp!

At 12:13 PM, Blogger thepoetryman said...

Or those pics are "phenomenal"... drat...

At 1:32 PM, Blogger glenda said...

ah, thanks beachblogger! peaceout!

TPM, between you and me, the carp are my favs too. I had to take 40 pictures to get 4 that I liked!
They were moving so was hard to get them!

At 1:39 PM, Blogger The Fat Lady Sings said...

Honey - I love the picture of you the best! Sometimes life can surprise you with happy accidents. A friend of mine went to Egypt and took a picture of one of the edges of a pyramid. Home he comes, out pop the pictures and lo and behold - I notice that he has captured the sickle moon, in broad daylight, sitting on that pyramid like the symbol of Islam. He hadn't noticed it until I pointed it out. It was magical, lovely - and just like that photo of you - special.

You know - I spent one year going to college in Austin. St. Edwards University. This was back when Austin was one of the select handful of cities sent a copy of Rocky Horror Picture Show. So I was one of the first people to discover it. It then became a regular weekend ritual for me and my friends. First time I went – the guy sitting in front of me turned around, said ‘hi!’ – and handed me a joint. I took a good, long hit (you could do that back then without worrying someone doctored the shit) – and saw what is still on my top ten list of all-time favorite films. I never dressed up - but I was one of those who sang out 'in the back row'. I later went on to direct the stage version.

Which is a round-about way of saying I love the pictures you took – and I liked Austin as well; well – mostly anyway. Back in the late 70’s there was a lot of overt prejudice, I’m afraid. My boyfriend was black – so was my competition dance partner (and he was gay on top of it) – and I was not. That led to some nasty and scary confrontations that convinced me to high-tail it back home to California. I understand it’s different there now – a thriving gay community, lots of artists and progressive thinkers. Quite the enclave. I’d love to go back and visit sometime – see how ‘Austin City Limits’ has changed. Thirty years, after all, is a very long time!

At 2:00 PM, Blogger glenda said...

aw, thank you. I'm humbled, and just gotta say, I probably sat behind you while you were bogarting that joint.

Wasn't that when we used to put newpapers over our heads, and bring umbrellas to act out the movie? Yup, I was there! More than once!

St. Ed's is a very pretty campus, and has grown a lot. If you ever come to Austin, let me know!! there is still prejudice, racism, etc, but the younger generation seems more accepting of difference, or maybe it's just my kids' friends, not sure! There is a very large GLBT population here, and it is active and thriving, for all I can tell. Of course, if you grow up in rural Texas and are not straight or Republican, you really head to Austin or Houston!

At 2:00 PM, Blogger glenda said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 3:31 PM, Blogger LadyCelticFire said...

Don't ya'll just wanna slap herfor taking such gorgeous pictures HAHA Glenda as usual BEAUTIFUL...

You live in a wonderland HAHA I want to feed carp, look at vintage clothes, drink gourmet coffee and shop at cute little grocery stores :-(

Where is this OZ and how do I get there from Portland haha

PS. Glad to see you are taking abreak, we NEED it, it's been a CRAZY couple of weeks ARGH

At 3:34 PM, Blogger LadyCelticFire said...

And Hell Fat Lady, come up to Portland sometime, we have WEEKLY RHPS's AND a THRIVING GLBT community, just TWO of the MANY reasons we moved here hehehe You just CAN'T have Rocky Horror without Queens now can you :D

At 6:01 PM, Blogger glenda said...

Yes, it's been way too crazy, LCF, just when you can't get any worse, they start piling on...we all need some respite to keep on going!
I can sit in my office or go out and live!

At 8:38 PM, Blogger JBlue said...

Hope you don't mind a link on our blogroll. I've been wandering via your profile. Time to be more efficient.... ;)

At 11:08 PM, Blogger GraemeAnfinson said...

Great pictures Glenda! I have a friend from Houston who claims Austin is a great city

At 11:09 PM, Blogger GraemeAnfinson said...

it certainly looks that way.

( that is how I meant to finish that last post. someday I will learn sentence structure)

At 1:00 AM, Blogger sumo said...

I'm wondering how you managed to get all that done in a lunch hour. Pics are worth a little time though eh? Very nice.

At 3:32 AM, Blogger glenda said...

Jublue, thanks, returning the compliment.
Hi, Graeme, just my opinion ,but it is the only place to live in Texas if one is a liberal.
sumo, oh, I had some overtimetime built up, took me about an hour and a half.
I'm a quick shooter, though

At 5:39 AM, Blogger betmo said...

you look just like glenda the good witch- is that a coincidence? :) nice pics- almost makes me want to visit texas :)

At 6:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

loved your lunchtime walk, recognised most of the places, especially the Flightpath where gordon and I spend many a night waiting on our then troubled 16 yr teen son who was attending a local meeting.

seen your id on Charlie's blog frequently and wondered if you were the same blogger with this name

but seeing your accidental self portrait, I don't think so.

thanks for visiting my blog and the comments

At 7:18 AM, Blogger glenda said...

Thanks, betmo, come Nevember, it will cool down enough for you to enjoy it...or at SXSW in the that is a fun trip!

jacqui, hi, no, it has become fashionable for Glenda impersonators to set up their own blogs these days, but just as Cher is a standout from her impersonators, so am I, minus the plastic surgery, rib removals and botox....

At 8:09 AM, Anonymous Adorable Girflriend said...

When AG is old will she go to Vegas to see Glenda impersonators? I imagine so with the Nirvana and Pearl Jam cover bands playing in the background.

At 11:56 AM, Blogger glenda said...

haha!! AG, you are a trooper....that's funny!
but let's not forget Queen and The Rolling Stone, who are only slightly older than Glenda!

At 6:58 PM, Blogger Lily said...

Now you know I had to come by and check out your fish pictures Glenda!

At 11:33 AM, Blogger enigma4ever said...

Beautiful pictures...and the FISH ;-)so lovely been back three

At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 4:54 AM, Blogger glenda said...

Hey enigma 4ever and Lily!

At 5:31 PM, Blogger Fuff said...

Lovely pics. The carp made me shudder though :)

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