Saturday, July 22, 2006

Condi Flying on Her Broom to the Middle East

First off, a tip of the hat to both PTCruiser and Thepoetryman for submitting articles to the this week . We are rolling and getting the website set up more and more every week! Please come visit and share your thoughts!

In other news, Condi Rice
is postponing her trip to the Middle East to allow Israel time to break up some of Hezbollah's power.

Translation: kill more innocents, wreak more havoc, instill fear in the civilian population as well as Hezbollah. She's waiting, knowing more will be murdered while she sits this out for a few days.

She also wants to give Israel time to demonstrate to all of its neighbors that a well-armed and dedicated group like Hezbollah is no military match for Israel.

They want to make it plain to Syria and Iran what will happen to them if they ever get involved in a war, either by proxy or directly, with Israel.

How do I know all this? I read her blog! And you can too! Yes, as I have revealed previously, Condigrrrl has a blog! And notice in he blog pic that she truly has vampire fangs!!!

Want to read her blog entries? Go to:

Alas, Condi has not been very good at making friends on MySpace. Now we know why. Shes a murdering vampire witch on a broom.


At 8:25 AM, Blogger JM said...

I'm really getting nostalgic for the days when we actually believed in diplomacy, before we replaced it with the neo-con cabal and their policy of say one thing and do the opposite.

At 9:06 AM, Blogger glenda said...

Like back when LBJ was president?
I hear you, I hear you!

At 10:03 AM, Blogger GraemeAnfinson said...

we are too arrogant for diplomacy

At 10:23 AM, Blogger DivaJood said...

Am I insane? I'd rather have Dick Nixon in office than this cabal. Oh, my god. I'm so sick at heart over this, I am beyond despair.

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Rory Shock said...

the essence of condi ...

At 11:22 AM, Blogger glenda said...

hi, grame, yes, we do not bend like a willow, we sting like a bee. But with the right leadership....

divajood, I know what you mean! But,as you suggesed in the last post, there are good people on both sides, it is the leaders who are the problem.

rory, hi friend...condi's essence is stinky bad.

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Grish said...

Lmao, I like that picture.

By the way what's diplomacy?

At 5:14 PM, Blogger Changeseeker said...

Wow! I wonder how Condi finds time to blog with her busy schedule. Maybe that's why she's not in the middle east trying to work out a peace plan. She's blogging! I can relate...

At 6:13 PM, Blogger betmo said...

gotta wait to get to the peace train until after tom's vacation. keep it rolling everyone! love the pics here too glenda- dead on!

At 7:47 PM, Blogger WeezieLou said...

jimmy carter was so ahead of his time.

At 9:22 PM, Blogger Anita said...

this picture if very funny! Despite the catastrophe in the Middle East, I enjoyed some laugh. I'll check her blog.

At 12:04 AM, Blogger BZ said...

Glenda you asked, "Bz, would you be willing to let us post this as a feature story on the home page at Well-written and thoughtful.
Can you let me know either by Iming me at thepeacetrain or at Glenda in comments? Thanks....

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At 12:51 AM, Blogger BZ said...

Also check this out.

At 4:48 AM, Blogger BZ said...

I'm signed onto the PeaceTrain and waiting for my activation info. Thanks for having me!

At 9:26 AM, Blogger Rob said...

Thats a weird picture

At 12:12 PM, Blogger pinkfem said...

rob...this is OZ, lots of weird suff happens here! :)

At 12:13 PM, Blogger glenda said...

bz, it's in the mail....look for your email!

At 8:16 PM, Blogger BZ said...

Glenda. Sorry to use this space like this, but i still haven't received my confirmation, and if I don't bug you about it now, it will get lost in a "to do" list.

At 3:43 AM, Blogger pissed off patricia said...

The goddess of darkness says we won't call for a cease fire. Guess the administration enjoys pics of children blown all to hell.

At 3:37 PM, Blogger LadyCelticFire said...

Glenda, check out this guys blog. He is INSIDE Lebanon... Link to it if you can. He is getting the REAL news out...

At 11:06 PM, Blogger The Fat Lady Sings said...

Pretty bad when we all think living under Nixon was a walk in the park compared to this. Though I bet we get hit with a depression very similar to the one in the late 70's. I might have been young - but I sure as hell remember. It sucked.

At 2:14 AM, Blogger BZ said...

Sorry to keep buggin' ya but i still can't login on the P-train...

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