Saturday, March 11, 2006

Are Child Molesters Oriented to Kids?

glenda in the land of oz

Was conversing with red-haired munchkin on the phone of Ozobluetooth, when we started talking about the jokes that kids tell.

Munchkin: Here's a joke. How do you know when it's midnight at the Neverland ranch?
Glenda: Hmm, not sure I want to know.
Munchie: When the big hand touches the little hand.
Glenda: (Groaning) Reminds me, isn't the ranch getting shut down for failure to pay staff and other problems?
Munch: Heard that. Shipping the elephants and monkeys off to Oz.

Which launched us into a discussion of gender orientation.

I heard an FBI profiler state at a conference once that some child molesters are sexually oriented to children in the same way that, for example, a straight woman is oriented toward a man.

Here is where my belief about treating pedophiles gets problematic. If pedophilia is a sexual orientation just as being straight or gay is a sexual orientation, for at least some of the child sexual predators, how well could sex offender treatment work?

If you are a person who truly believes that your sexual match is a child, can that orientation be shifted to feeling and believing that you can be attracted to an adult? How easy would it be for a straight woman to be told that she now needed to change her sexual orientation to something else? Simply put, the attraction to men would still remain.

I know treatment providers who swear by sex offender treatment, but I am not convinced, since psychopathy and narcissism also play into a lot of deviant behavior around child sexual abuse, the "hey, it's all about meeting my needs, which are bigger than your needs, type of thinking".

Still, if it provides protection for even one child, isn't it worth trying?


At 8:28 AM, Blogger Boltgirl said...

Most of the stuff I have read strongly supports the orientation argument. Good luck changing that. I'm not sure what the ultimate implications are for recidivism prevention, but I suspect the options are pretty much limited to life imprisonment or castration.

Nice blog, BTW.

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