Saturday, February 18, 2006

"What's a Liberal?"

glenda in the land of oz asks her munchkins, "What's the matter?"
Glenda was sitting by the yellow brick road the other day, musing on the efficacy of string theory, when one of her adorable munchkins wandered by. She heard him muttering and asked him what was wrong.

Munchkin: I have just been accused of being a Bush-hating liberal and don't know what to do.

Glenda, the Good Witch of the North: That's OK, Munchie, ideologues always call us names because it's easier than thinking about what we really are, which is Americans who also love their country.
Do not allow yourself to be bullied into conformity. Some of those they call liberals do not even fit so well into that category. They are more diverse than that and are growing in numbers.
And the noeconservative fundamentalists are very, very scary witches who will try to take your beliefs and twist them and create a dirty word. It’s all just spin, but dangerous spin. They just want you to conform. That's the whole point, diversity scares them, and so they resort to name-calling. Continue to support the constitution and don’t ever let them take that away from you.

Munchie: I do not hate the Bush tactics because I am a Liberal. Actually, I am a Libertarian. But I hate what he is doing to this country and how he lies to us and tries to make it look like he's doing something else, rather than what he is really doing, which is trying to convert this country into one big Christian theocracy.
And the people are scared because he keeps telling them we are going to be attacked by another kind of religious Fundamentalist, so they won’t stand up and oppose him even when they are being stripped of their constitutional rights. We are all scared, Glenda, but what can we do? We are just small Munchkins.

Glenda: There, there, Munchie, what you need to do is run for political office. Don’t just bitch about it, do something. And keep voting…the tide will turn. It always does. Look what happened to McCarthy in the 50s.

And if it doesn't change, we can always move to Canada.


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