Wednesday, February 01, 2006

There's No Puzzle in This Picture

The other day while I was at work, in the middle of Illustrator heaven, making feverish conference preparations and putting together our Annual Report, I received an email from mr. k.

His co-workers, programmers deluxe Hong and Aaron decided on a last minute trip to China to visit Hong’s relatives and how cool is this, we were invited to go with them.

The downside: they are leaving in 2 weeks. Problem: I have made commitments for working at our annual conference on South Padre Island, same timeframe, and also made airline reservations to stay over in SPI a few days to visit my dear friend Aziza, who is a clear soul/Sufi teacher/Yoga teacher and friend. Other problem: mr. k did not have 2 weeks of vacation time left. (I get 5 weeks a year at my agency plus many other perks.)

He was basically passing the info to me and left me to make my own decision about whether I wanted to go with Hong and Aaron. Now lots of husbands think they need to have input into the wife’s decision-making process, but he is really a fan of supporting my autonomy, and is an egalitarian thinker, which I love.

More or less what he was saying was that he was not going to control or organize things I want to do. And that, to me, is even cooler than getting the original invitation. By the way, I asked Hong for a rain check. She said yes, and I would love to go next time. Some trips I sometimes prefer to take alone, such as visiting my sister, so we can spend quality time together, but this one I would like to share with him.


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