Thursday, February 23, 2006

Glenda Threatens National Security

glenda sez "cuckoo, cuckoo" and flaps her wings in imitation of the goony politicians
Pentagon: Ports uproar may pose security risk
President tries to calm furor over takeover of port management

Thursday, February 23, 2006; Posted: 7:57 p.m. EST (00:57 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The second in command at the Pentagon said Thursday that people who publicly oppose allowing a Middle Eastern company to take over management of some U.S. ports could be threatening national security.

Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England told the Senate Armed Services Committee that blocking the deal could ostracize one of the United States' few Arab allies.

For full story, go HERE.
WELL, having read this, I really must think seriously about reversing my opinion on the UAE port takeover deal. OK, I thought about it, and I haven’t changed my opinion.

Who is this England guy, anyway? And is he related to Lindy England of Abu Graib fame? Have they been keeping him in the closet to bring out on a rainy day to threaten us all?

According to Right Web, here's his bio: "Like other armed service secretaries originally appointed by George W. Bush—including James Roche and Thomas White—Gordon England arrived at the Pentagon fresh from duties as an executive of a major corporation, in this case the Pentagon contractor General Dynamics. Gordon, along with his boss Donald Rumsfeld, is a champion of military transformation. According to a Washington Times article about his appointment, one of Gordon’s chief aims as navy secretary is to develop “futuristic weapons to counter new types of threats emerging in the post-Soviet world.” General Dynamics specializes in the design of attack and ballistic missile submarines as well as tanks."

What strong, coercive, manipulative, bullying language he uses. Is England seriously saying that if I oppose this deal, I am threatening national security? And logically, if, in his opinion, my stance threatens national security, does that make me a terrorist, and does that mean I get the cell phone patdown and have my library books scrutinized?

What next? If we don’t agree with you, you call us names? England, are you still in the third grade? Just let me know before I cross the line where you get to torture me or make me say Uncle Sam, whichever comes first.


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