Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bush, What Me Worry?

glenda sez the Bushman is living in a bubble.
Open letter to Bush: It is not a racist position to reject the United Arab Emirate as gatekeepers at American ports. Playing the race card on this issue just makes you look more manipulative and tone-deaf than usual.

The administration's poor track record on intelligence doesn't convince many Americans that you really know whether this proposal is safe or not. Why should we take a chance with our security to further some unknown deal you may have made with Dubai for reasons known only to a select few.

When you play with our security without Congressional oversight, you create risks for all of us. Although you seem overly confident in your ability to make decisions based on the advice of your coven of elite advisors, Congress should be ashamed for allowing you such unrestrained power. Being head of the Executive branch does not give you unilateral control of this country's destiny or make you king.


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