Thursday, January 26, 2006

Walking Under the Texas Stars

It's 5:45 in the morning and I am dragging an 85 pound dog into the dark street for our 2 mile daily walk. Somewhere in the distance, an unidentified building makes deep booming and hissing dragon sounds, like compressed water being released. I think for the 100th time that I really should find out what type of loud unruly business lives so close to me out in this majestic hill country.

All fall and summer, we walked under the stars. All summer I watched Casseiopia edge across the sky from north to west until I could no longer see her as she skimmed over the horizon. In October, there was an abundance of tarantulas on the road into the subdivision. They sought the heat of the blacktop road as the fall chill set in. Creepy then to walk in the dark with tarantulas, some as big as my outstretched hand.

But today I can smell the rain coming in from the west, there is a freshness to the morning and my dog looks up at me with her big brown lab eyes and agrees, this is a good day. We need the rain. This has been the winter of burning fires and drought in Texas.

This year brings change. I can feel it beneath the promise of rain. I breathe in and out and keep walking up the hill, the smell of cedar and rain in the air.


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