Saturday, January 28, 2006

Coffee Dregs

Ah, coffe is really the dreg of choice. The best is that 5AM flavorsome cup when the pixels in my brain are still unfocused.

Was chatting with my activist intern about the evils of Starbucks, mainly she was telling me about the unecological and exploitive manner in which they allegedly grow their coffee.

We usually have supervision time in a university coffee shop called the Flightpath Cafe. Said cafe is so-named for its historically recent proximity to the old airport and the fact that the planes used to come in about 50 feet above the roof, making the cups and spoons and patrons' teeth rattle. She told me about some coffee beans that can be had at the farmer's market which are the world's best. Will have to try them and their shade-grown flavor.

Strangely, had a flashback to the '70s when the various qualities of marijuana were discussed in much the same way. Now it's coffee. Ah, well.


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